Unique-ARs Fan Friday 6/4/18

Brought to you from Rachelle Hauzer


When I decided I wanted to build an AR-15 I had no idea where to start. After researching parts and builds online, I stumbled across Unique ARs. This absolute stellar company was able to customize my handguard exactly the way I wanted it, which began my rifle building journey! What makes my handguard extra “unique” is that the lips on it are my actual lips. I kissed a piece of paper and Unique ARs was able to replicate them onto the handguard, which made a kickass, one of a kind, piece of art!!
I built this rifle in memory of my best friend (Lisa). Lisa and I became best friends in high school (1984) and for some reason always called each other Lippy… maybe because we had teenage rebel attitudes and were always mouthing off. When we were 19 years old we got matching kissing lip tattoos, signifying our everlasting sisterhood and bond.
Sadly, Lisa suddenly passed away in March 2009. I miss her every single day… but our love for each other and our “kissing lips signature” will carry on as long as I breathe.
I love my rifle so much I had professional pictures taken of it! Hope you enjoy!
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