Unique-ARs Fan Friday 4/13/18

UAR loves to show off the custom builds that folks create with the beautiful handguards we mill out of the lightweight 6061 T6 Aluminum. Unique-ARs worked with Brian Painter to design a special Anniversary gift build for his wife. The custom handguard lines a pattern of hearts interwound in a lace pattern.  Brian wanted the coating to be “Girly and Sparkly”

We work with several different applicators and we thought of one person specifically for this job. Cerakote Chick 

“I think its absolutely great that people from all over the US ask me to make their guns into something incredible, whether it be a complete overhaul or just one simple color.  I love what I do and love making someones day with something that started as a hobby  (now is my full-time job).  Its proof every day, if you work for something, you can do and be anything.

Melodie Yarbrough
owner Cerakote Chick

Fan Fridays are all about the great builds that our customers put together with Unique-ARs products.  We love to see what our customers have been up to and the creations that they come up with.  We are huge FANS of customers photo submissions, so keep them coming and your build can be featured on our website as well.  You can submit photos to photos@unique-ars.com.