Today’s Unique-ARs Fan Friday has a fantastic unique “one of a kind” build by Bryan Molder.

“I did this project as a tip of the hat to a motorcycle I had made. “

 After the completion of the bike, I was able to put the bike with one of the few still flying Curtiss P-40’s at one of the CAF’s air show’s.

The “Flying Tigers” was where the 23 fighter squadron got its start. It then was re-vamped in the 70’s with the A-10 Warthog (tank busters) that was used in Desert Strom.  The lady in red is the “Hells Angel” and is where the origin of the biker gang started after our soldiers came back from WWII.

When Sharps came out with the “Hellbreaker” lower I knew I had to do something more with the build.  That’s when I reached out to Unique-ARs to help with the build, then to Tracy Marquart Jr. & Kevin Cobb with IA Coatings.  (Innovative Aspects)  is a company down in Houston, Texas.  These guys work with NASA, NASCAR, Military & Oil Industry people, so I knew they would be a great addition to the completion of this build. Kevin did the work and paint design at IA Coatings.

  The colors they used on the gun are Shimmer Aluminum, Sniper Grey, Rust Mix, Armor Black, Bright White, Screamin Yellow, NRA Blue and USMC Red.





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