Unique-ARs 3-30-18 Fan Friday

By: Howard Buzzell

“I have always admired the Gadsden Flag, it was designed by an American general in 1775 during the American Revolution. It’s known as the DONT TREAD ON ME flag. I’ve felt that it represents the true American spirit. What better way to pay tribute to that spirit than to build an AR to honor the flag that the Continental Marines used as a battle flag that gave us independence. The process started with an idea in my head and to the credit to the folks at Unique-ARs going back and forth with their design team to design the UAR custom Handguard.”  It took some time to defeat the design issues with keeping the forend strong and making the head to my satisfaction, but they pulled it off. I love it, thanks guys! – Howard Buzzell”
Fan Fridays are all about the great builds that our customers put together with Unique-ARs products. We love to see what our customers have been up to and the creations that they come up with. We are huge FANS of customers photo submissions, so keep them coming and your build can be featured on our website as well.  You can submit photos to photos@unique-ars.com.