Some more great builds from our great customers and dealers!  We have some patriotic builds from Applied Arsenal and Wicked Weaponry, both sporting some awesome coating finishes.  The other patriotic build with the stock black Freedom handguard is from one of our customers, and if you look closely, there are some indications that they might be fans of the movie Team America.  We love to see customers’ personalities and/or likes being displayed on their AR.  The other two beautiful builds are also from customers, Jim May utilized a Spikes lower with a Wing and Skull Foregrip , always a great combo.  Last but not least, Burke Noel used a Blaster rail to finish of his nice and clean build.

Fan Fridays are all about the great builds that our customers put together with Unique-ARs products.  We love to see what our customers have been up to and the creations that they come up with.  We are huge FANS of customers photo submissions, so keep them coming and your build can be featured on our website as well.  You can submit photos to

Ar-15 with custom paint and handguard. Unique-Ars handguard Unique-ARs Ar-15 handguard Unique-ARs Ar-15 foregripAR-15 rail  AR-15 handguard/foregip AR-15 freedom foregrip