Americana – 15″ Freedom AR Handguard

Auction Ended

There are scenes and places, wattages and personages, that belong—inextricably, unmistakably—to this country alone. There is an American quality, a tone, an energy … instantly recognizable …“-Sides, Hampton (2007) The Americana 15″ Freedom forend is custom Cerakoted by Unique-ARs’ very own Robb Harris in Smith & Wesson Red, NRA Blue, Armor Black, Gold, Bright White, distressed for that nostalgic look and finished with High Gloss Armor Clear. Proprietary AR15 barrel nut and mounting screws included. .308 barrel nut available at an additional charge.  Auction ends September 16th at 23:59:59. Unique-ARs – for whatever you’re into.

Item condition: New