Molon Labe


Standard handguard is anodized black or cerakote armor black depending on what we have in stock.  Includes barrel nut and mounting screw.


barrel nut type *

Barrel nut wrench *

Fits both 556 and UAR 308 barrel nuts (required for UAR 308 barrel nut)

List colors for multi-color handguards.

See color tab below for colors available. Describe what color goes where. Example: use H-217 Bright Purple on cut edges, and H-190 Armor Black on rest of handguard. Barrel nut and screws will be black unless stated different in description. MULTI COLOR HANDGUARDS START IN THE RAW, NO COLOR.

Custom CeraKote colors $35 each. *

(allow 3-5 days to process custom colors)

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