Please help Richard Robinson, who is 30 years old, to get well; he has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver. Richard is the ultimate “I can take care of it myself” kind of guy, but has acknowledged that the upcoming hospital bills are beyond his means. He is on the precipice of 3 months of chemotherapy followed by liver surgery, 6 weeks of radiation, colon surgery, and another round of chemo. Treatment will take place at MSTI in Boise which is over 100 miles away from his beloved home of McCall, Idaho.

Richard has been with Unique-ARs since the beginning of 2015 working as the head designer. He has been responsible for much of the new product development, roughly 3,000 custom handguard designs, and 27,000 email correspondences. Chances are if you’ve worked with Unique, he’s had a hand in the project.


Richard, or as the local kids call him “Coach Rich”, is otherwise the figure of good health. He enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing every sport out there. He helps run the local “Old Man” basketball league and is an assistant basketball coach at McCall-Donnelly High School. We are asking for your support to help get Richard back on his feet, and back out to the community that he loves.

Any outreach, well wishes, or new design ideas can be sent to


GoFundMe: Rally For Rich