December 28th, 2017

Unique-ARs located in McCall, Idaho is releasing 2 brand new handguard designs for 2018. The Swords and Uncle Sam.  Unique-ARs manufacture designer foregrips for the AR platform, providing high-quality premium products that blend form and function. The guards are CNC Milled, made of 60 61 T6 Aluminum.  With these 2 new designs, Unique-ARs offers 37 different stock designs in various lengths from 7, 9, 12 and 15inches. 

The handguards are predrilled and tapped for our proprietary Picatinny Rails, offered from 2.2inch – 14.5 inches. Our Picatinny Rails are curved on the bottom so they mount flush with a seamless line.  The guards come with your choice of a 556, Airsoft or a 308 barrel nut. We released earlier in the year of 2017 our Dolos compatible handguard system making Unique-ARs designer handguards the envy of the Market.

Unique-ARs 2018 Swords

The only blades worth bringing to a gunfight.  Folk won’t be disappointed when this sharp looking forend is mounted on the AR.  Match the swords with any spartan lower on the market and your rifle will be the new custom strike of battle-worthy detail. Pictured below is the Swords Cerakoted with Bronze and Armor Black. We Cerakote in house with any color offered by Cerakote, or they can be anodized.



Unique-ARs 2018 Uncle Sam. 

We want YOU to make him proud! This handguard is decorated with Unique-ARs own twist to the American eagle and Uncle Sam combination and finished with a line of patriotic stars across the top.




These handguards are available for immediate purchase at

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