Florida Folks listen up!

Unique-AR’s Dealer of the Week is Arch Angel. Located In Newberry, FL.


Hello, my name is Casey Mason and I am with ArchAngel Gunsmithing and Outfitters, and I own a Gunsmithing shop with my husband, Lee, in Newberry, FL.  We offer many services that range widely.  We offer custom firearm builds, custom firearm painting, wood refinishing, modifications, repairs, appraisals, rust removal, cleanings, parts and accessory install, gun sales and bulk ammo.  We don’t have any employees in our shop.  It is only myself and my husband that run our gun shop.

We have been open for about 3 years. We are open 5 days a week Tuesday through Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.

We also offer firearm classes like Firearm safety, long range training, home defense, and others.  Lee is an Army veteran and has been Gunsmithing for about 15 years and has a Master’s Degree in Gunsmithing.  I have been in the art field for about 10 years and have an Associate’s Degree in Art Design.  With this combination of years of experience and skills, the possibilities are endless at ArchAngel Gunsmithing and Outfitters.  We are Unique to our area because there isn’t a shop like ours.  Most of the shops around here only do gun sales, accessories, safes, and ammo.  We offer everything that you can think of between making our own targets and custom firearms for people to buy.

 “AR Pistol that we custom built and custom painted”

They are fitted to what the customer wants and what they are using it for specifically.  Most of the shops around here are very one-dimensional.  We are not like that.  We make do and offer things that are what the customer is looking for specially.

We can be reached at ArchAngelGear@yahoo.com or (386) 344-0670 or (386) 344-3696.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

We are working on our website now and hopefully will be up and running soon.  AR Pistol that we custom built and custom painted.