Right to Bear, Arms Co is an Edmond, OK-based firearms manufacturer committed to producing quality, innovative, and unique firearms. We use upgraded, precision parts from select vendors in order to ensure accurate weapons with long service life. While specializing in AR and HK platforms we also produce weapons with piston actions, modified shortened buffer systems, folding stocks, removable barrels, Cerakoting, and more. Call us to discuss the specification of your ideal gun.” – Roy Martindale, Owner


*Build a Gun class

*AR Platforms

*Body Armor

*LEO/Military Discounts

*NFA items: Silencers, SBR, Select Fire

*H&K: New receivers, welding and assembly, complete weapons

For more information about Right to Bear, Arms Co. check out their website,  give them a call or shoot them an email!

Not in your neck of the woods?  Check out or Dealer List to locate a Unique-ARs Dealer near you.  You can also “try before you buy” at select Shooting Ranges.