“I started camouflaging my rifles in my spare time with spray paint.  An old Army buddy gave me some DuraCoat to use on my sniper rifle as the rifle would look like hell at the end of the shooting season. I was hurt at my job with the Sheriff’s Office and was off work recovering after surgery. I needed something to occupy my time so I started watching coating videos on YouTube to learn how to use DuraCoat. I ended up ordering some airbrushes, more DuraCoat, and stencils. I coated my 3 Gun pistol and showed my local dealer. He liked the work and had me DuraCoat his pistol which he put on display in his store. The orders started rolling in and we discovered that we needed to do this the right and legal way with the right equipment. So my wife, son and I began looking for a location. We found the perfect building for sale and decided that we would start a business. Within eight months of coating our first firearm, we purchased a 2,800 square foot building in Garrettsville, Ohio (home of the Lifesaver candy!) We applied for an 07 and 02 FFL. We now have a small but growing showroom and we sell firearms, NFA items, ammunition, and accessories as well as build a few firearms. We are a small family-owned business. My wife and son still work their full-time jobs but come in every day to the shop. We have some long days here.

My wife is the majority owner of our little company. I medically retired from the Sheriff’s Office after 18 years and work at the shop full time now. I also retired from the Army in 2013 after 25 years of service. April 2019 will be our three year anniversary for Black Boar Armory & Coatings! We foster English and French Bulldogs for a rescue in our state and we are on foster number nine right now. We always have a shop dog with us here.

Cerakote was a highly requested coating and is probably 90% of our coating work right now. We started using Cerakote a month after moving into our shop. In April of 2018, we traveled to Medford Oregon and were Cerakote certified. We also use hydro graphics which is popular with our hunting customers. Currently, we offer DuraCoat, Cerakote, Gunkote, Gun-Candy, and Hydrographics to our customers. We have coated firearms, holsters, golf clubs, golf carts, motorcycle parts, and vehicle parts. We are a certified dealer and repair center for Primary Weapons Systems. We have an on-site gunsmith and offer those services as well. We are constantly striving to offer great products and service at an affordable price to our customers. I can still remember going to the local gun shows with $20 in my pocket and trying to stretch that out and come home with something cool.” – Eric Shafer, Co-Owner

For more information about Black Boar Armory & Coatings visit their website or Facebook page, give them a call, shoot over an email or stop by the shop!

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