Formerly Toxic/Insurgent Airsoft, Freedom Airsoft is the largest airsoft-only field in the state of Arizona. We have two 4 acre fields with many different objects and obstacles for cover. Cover includes helicopter and aircraft wrecks, bunkers, buildings, boats, cars, and other obstacles. We also have built from the ground up, an on-site pro shop for all your airsoft needs.

Our goal is to create and maintain the best airsoft experience the state has to offer. Above all, we value fun and promote safety as the utmost importance. In addition, we promote respect and communication among the players as they need to work in teams to accomplish given objectives. We are a family-friendly environment and promote family teams. We also host birthday parties during open and private sessions and offer gun rental packages for new players and parties.

Our games and scenarios incorporate the use of modern battle tactics and scenarios used in real life, giving that realistic feel compared to playing a video game like Call of Duty. Examples of games we play include capture the flag, bunker defense, infection, black hawk down, free for all, and team deathmatch.

 Airsoft is a competitive game, similar to paintball, in which players face off against other players using military and law enforcement tactics through the use of replica firearms. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic bb’s and generally hurt less than paintball. Many players use airsoft for training or as a workout as the game may be physically demanding.  Some players will show up in full military loadouts while others may show up in regular street clothes.  Airsoft is generally cheaper than paintball due to the ammo cost alone. The airsoft guns can also be customized with a wide array of attachments and sights. Most real scopes and attachments are usable on airsoft guns due to the 1 to 1 scale replica of most airsoft guns.

To find out more about Freedom Airsoft visit their website or Facebook page, or better yet, stop by!

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