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This week, we’re featuring Ken Fischer’s stunning rifle. Fischer describes his creative process and inspiration:


I am a Combat Injured Marine that was blown up by a car bomb in Afghanistan. Since I have had many issues with PTSD and anger and found that building AR’s are very therapeutic. A small military Non-Profit organization called Operation Military Embrace has made this therapy possible. They have provided me the resources to obtain parts and use my creative ideas to go free. This rifle was designed for the Admiral Nimitz Museum to be auctioned off at one of their events. It is specially themed for the P-40 Warhawk and the handguards were to reflect a dog fight between a P-40 Warhawk and a Japanese Zero with the rest of the receiver to look like another plane flying into battle. It is chambered in 300 Black Out to reflect the original 30 caliber machine guns that was equipped in the planes before they upgraded to the 50 cals. Thank you to Operation Military Embrace and Unique-ARs for allowing my creative ideas become firearm reality.

Semper Fi!