Fan Friday 4/27/18

Fan Fridays are all about the great builds that our customers put together with Unique-ARs products.  We love to see what our customers have been up to and the creations that they come up with.  We are huge FANS of customers photo submissions, so keep them coming and your build can be featured on our website as well.  You can submit photos to

We have some sick builds for today’s Fan Friday display.

Reuben Morgenstein Blue Wing and Skull

Reuben Morgenstein
Blue Wing and Skull

Andrew Kear Built these 2 Dolos ARs that brake down and will fit in a backpack.

Last we have Herold Smiths Red Flames. This build has Spikes Lower along with Unique-ARs Flames handguard with the spiked sprocket cap creating the forend to look real tough!

Don’t forget to send your photos to