Daddy’s Gun Shop, a family owned business located in Mayo, Florida can take care of all your Firearms, Archery and Gunsmithing needs. Owner Tommy Tysall, a gunsmith with 35 years experience has an all-star cast of employees including Mike Snyder, a full-time gunsmith and Smith & Wesson Certified Armorer with 22 years of experience. Below are some of the services DGS offers:

Gunsmithing most makes and models
Stock refinishing
Gun re-blueing
Mount scopes and bore sight
Rifles, pistols, and shotguns
Pattern shotguns
Install recoil pads
Internet transfers
Bow tune-ups
Install peep sights
Resting most bows
Custom arrows
Bow Setups
Knife Sharpening
Cold Bluing

To learn more about Daddy’s Gun Shop you can visit their website, give them a call at (386) 294-1532 or if you’re in the area, stop by the shop.

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