Formerly known as A&A Arsenal, Big Dog Outfitters is a small family owned and operated LLC that focuses on the sale of military firearms, ammunition, and accessories. Founded in 2008 this company focuses on outfitting the local community with all their firearm needs. Whether it is hunting, target, sporting or personal defense, they are the place to go in King George, VA. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are all avid firearm enthusiast with decades of experience. They proudly carry the finest products at the best possible prices. The primary area of emphasis for the business has been on pre-ban assault rifles, ammunition, and larger caliber platforms although they continue to diversify their inventory as demand evolves and the business grows. In 2013, BDO expanded their product lines to include hunting, re-loading and other outdoor equipment and firearm accessories/cleaning supplies.  The business is focused on customers first and they pride themselves on helping customers find the right products. 

Charles Albert, Owner of Big Dog Outfitters, is a 7 year veteran of the U.S Army, having served in both armor and infantry units. Charles served in tours in both Central America and Southeast Asia and soon thereafter, left the Army and obtained a masters degree in corporate finance. Hired originally by the government to work as an operations officer, Charles spent 10 years as a program manager for the USMC helping develop and field 40mm grenades and other light weapon platforms before leaving government service to open and run Big Dog Outfitters.

Big Dog Outfitters offers a variety of services to patrons including but not limited to:
In-state and out-of-state firearm transfers
Professional Gunsmithing and Refinishing/Custom Work
Class 3 sales and transfers
Consignment of firearms
Purchase and retail of new and used firearms
Sales of ammunition, firearm accessories and weapon maintenance supplies
Expert Firearm and weapons safety advice

Stop in and check them out and if they don’t have what you are looking for, ask!  You can also find out more about Big Dog Outfitters by visiting their website or Facebook page, giving them a call at (540) 775-2605, or shoot them an email.  We think you’ll be glad you did!

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