Ace Firearms, Inc. is a locally owned firearms store that operates out of beautiful upstate South Carolina. While they are a small firearms store, they are constantly expanding their product offerings. Currently, they are a Type 7 and 8 FFL with Class II and Class III SOT’s. They manufacture AR15 and AR15 lower receivers in 80% and 100%, AR15 and AR10 complete rifles as well as compact and full-size Polymer 80 pistols. Prototypes are in development for flash suppressors, muzzle breaks, sound suppressors, and a variety of other future projects. Ace Firearms also offers Cerakoting – one color, multicolor, and stencil designs, Hydro-dipping, laser engraving, slide porting, and firearm cleaning. Their Gunsmithing options include pistol sight mounting, bore sighting, scope sighting, and optional accessories mounting.

Ace Firearms is a dedicated supporter of our military and all law enforcement officers and agencies. The do offer law enforcement and military discounts upon display of proper ID. For more information, check out their Facebook page and take in some eye candy in the picture gallery.  You can also give them a call at (864) 509-6100, shoot them an email or stop by and give them a look.  They’re always happy to meet new folks!

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